Are you Savvy smart for 2023?

Attention: Employers OR under 35 year olds

2023 Started off well with Fedhealth introducing their smart Savvy plan designed for the young and healthy South African who is Savvy about their health, money and time! Young people can’t afford medical aid and your younger employees might be the healthiest members of your workforce, but since they’ve just started their careers, they often cannot afford private medical aid. Which, in South Africa, is an absolute must-have. This has now changed, with the introduction of flexiFEDSavvy from Fedhealth – an affordable hospital plan for the digitally savvy younger generation.


By introducing this option, Fedhealth hopes to cover young and healthy first-time medical aid members who otherwise might not join a medical scheme based on affordability challenges. Since it’s been proven that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce, here’s why this innovative new medical aid option is worth considering for your younger staff members.

FlexiFEDSavvy offers flexible medical aid cover for a generation who’s looking for smarter ways to make their money (and health) go further. Flexibility – on top of receiving a truly supercharged hospital plan with the unique benefits for which Fedhealth has become known, members can choose one of four ways to fund day-to-day benefits if they choose to. This means that trips to the GP, over-the-counter medication or physiotherapy after a gym session gone wrong can also be covered without breaking the bank.

Cost and Benefits

Priced at just R945 per month for a principal member, flexiFEDSavvy is the most affordable hospital plan in the market – without compromising on quality. Young movers and shakers embrace technology, so they will especially enjoy the fact that flexiFEDSavvy is fulfilled via self-service on digital platforms only – no time-consuming (and frankly, boring) phone calls to a call centre.

  • Unlimited private hospitalisation
  • Unlimited cover with network specialists and GPs in-hospital
  • Take home medication: 7 days’ supply
  • Chronic medicine benefit
  • 30 day post-hospitalisation benefit
  • Unlimited trauma treatment in a casualty ward
  • Screening benefit
  • Specialised radiology unlimited at PMB level of care

More benefits at a glance:

  • Unlimited virtual GP consults and 3 in-person consults
  • Virtual mental wellness support
  • Stress and anxiety benefit
  • Upgrade within 30 days of a life-changing event like pregnancy or serious illness
  • Female contraceptives: oral & injectable contraceptives paid from Risk
  • Add optional R4 800 annual Fixed Savvy Savings for even more day-to-day cover; OR
  • Add optional R6 000 annual Flexible Savvy Savings cover
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Fedhealth designed flexiFEDSavvy especially for young and healthy first-time entrants into the medical aid market, but there is a flexiFED option to take care of the health needs of everyone and your employees based on their life stage and family composition.

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2023 Premiums

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Benefits That Add Value

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