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    On your policy schedule different fees are being charged as part of the monthly debit order – all broken down. In terms of regulations instituted by the Financial Services Conduct Authority (“FSCA”), and the changes in the applicable legislation, we as intermediaries, must be able to produce certain documental proof at all times, if and when our books are audited by the FSCA. The broker/advice fee is included in your monthly premium and has never been charged as a separate fee. We use this fee to your advantage in that we do the following in order to ensure that your specific needs are met: 1. When we negotiate cover on your behalf. 2. When we survey your unique risk profile again on renewal of your policy. 3. When we incur costs to gather multiple quotes to suite your needs. 4. When amendments to your policy are being made and in obtaining the correct information and to supply you with the correct cover. 5. In terms of legislation we are obliged to maintain our level of skills and knowledge, therefore we have to invest in our professional development constantly for which costs are incurred. 6. We assist you in reporting claims. Giving advice as to damage reports and procedures. Assist and to ensure that all legitimate claims are settled in time. To maintain the level of service you currently enjoy, you, our valued client, hereby give your consent that we may charge this Advisory fee of R50 included in your premium. In light of the fact that you are not obliged to pay this fee, you may cancel the advice fee if you feel that you are willing and able to deal with the relative insurer(s) directly and do not require our services in this regard.
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