Short-Term Insurance

We offer a range of affordable short-term insurance options from Household Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Bike Policies and Business Insurance. 
We are solution driven by your needs as we are small enough to care and big enough to make a difference.

Household Contents

Contents includes anything that can be carried away from the building. They are typically personal belongings purchased separately from the building. For instance, furniture, appliances, artwork, most electronics and clothing are all contents.

Motor Vehicle

Comprehensive: Covers pretty much everything including theft, damage, and costs to your car and 3rd parties in the event of an accident where you are at fault.
3rd Party Fire & Theft: Cover for the other party if you are at fault and for fire or theft of your car.

All Risks

Under this type of cover you insure items that are normally taken away from the house against an unforeseen event.  Examples of what should be under this section:
Cell Phones, Laptops, Jewellery, Sport Equipment and normally items over R1 000 in value.

Building Insurance

Protects your home from structural damage arising from accidental loss or damage from unforeseen events such as fire, theft or natural disasters like floods, or burst geysers and pipes.

MotorBike Insurance

Best motorbike cover in town.
We insure your Motorcycle at Retail value and NOT market value. Learner Licence Accepted.
Quote for Bike Only Policy

Business Insurance

You’ve built a business your customers rely on, and we understand that every business is unique and that the risks differ. Protect yourself now.
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The Difference Between Short-Term & Long-Term Insurance

Our needs will change over time.  We move, we change careers, we settle down and start a family, we buy new cars, etc.  For this reason we have short-term insurance.  As our lives change, so does the need to protect ourselves from loss or damage.  Short-term insurance could therefore be classified as insurance that is taken out only for the period that you have need for it.   

Life insurance – which is long-term – is something that you keep forever. It never changes, until you pass away.

You buy a car, you insure it, and then one day you decide that a motorcycle would serve your lifestyle a lot better. So, you sell the car, get a motorcycle and insure that, and so it goes.  This is Short-Term Insurance is therefore classified as insurance that is taken out only for the period that you have need of it. 

Short-term insurance isn’t just limited to vehicles.  It encompasses pretty much every aspect of our day-to-day life.  This could include property, household contents, funeral, medical, travel, business or personal liability insurance.

OneNet is an authorised Financial Services Provider for Short-Term Insurance (Commercial & Personal Lines)
OneNet is registered with the Council of Medical Schemes for Health.
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