Medical Health Cover

A Hospital Plan covers you for medical procedures that are performed in a private hospital, such as if you’re in an accident and need an emergency operation. 
If you need cover for medical attention given outside of a hospital, like seeing your GP, visiting the dentist or getting new glasses at the optometrist, a Hospital Plan would not cover these costs – however a Medical Aid Plan would.
Hospital Plans are cheaper than Medical Aid Plans, because you get less coverage.
Discovery Health
Discovery give complete peace of mind that your healthcare is in good hands at every stage of your life's journey.  We have 23 health plan options spread between 7 series designed to suit your individual health care and financial needs.
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Fedhealth now puts more choice, flexibility and control in your hands with a range of affordable medical aid options that let you create-your-aid to suit your needs and requirements. Your choice to have savings and whether to have them fixed or flexible.  
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Medihelp Medical Scheme is one of the top five open medical schemes in South Africa. For the past 115 years, Medihelp has adapted successfully to an ever-changing healthcare industry and stayed ahead of the curve by making responsible decisions.
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Bonitas don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, so a wide range of plans ensure you will find a snug fit for your particular needs. We believe in simplicity and have made our plans easy-to-understand and use while helping to stretch your benefits as far as possible.
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Momentum Health
Momentum is in all of us. It’s an energy that propels us forward and moves us along our life’s journey. By partnering with us, we can help you achieve your dreams and goals by providing products to make your dreams a reality.
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