How to Create your Aid with Fedhealth

Fedhealth allow you to create your aid - how you want your medical aid to be. The flexiFED range has been refined to offer you a truly customised medical aid solution, giving YOU more control over how your medical aid cover is structured and how much you pay every month. The flexiFED plans are the flagship range of Fedhealth plans that provide you with choice, flexibility, and control like never before.

When it comes to choosing a medical aid, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The best medical aid scheme – and medical aid plan for you depends on your specific circumstances such as your health, budget, age and family situation. So, when choosing a plan, start by asking yourself a few key questions:

  • Budget? A good rule of thumb is to budget for spending around 10% of your monthly household income on medical aid. Any more than that and your monthly medical aid bill could become unaffordable.
  • How healthy are you? If you have a chronic illness like diabetes or asthma, you may have higher monthly medical expenses (for things like medication and doctor consultations) than someone who doesn’t have chronic.
  • Pre-existing condition? If you join with a pre-existing condition you could get a waiting period which means that for a certain period after joining, you won’t be covered for medical expenses relating to that condition.
  • How old are you? The reality is that the older you get, the more likely you are to develop an illness, and the longer you’ll take to recover from it. At the same time, above a certain age you’re likely to stop earning as much income as you did when you were young.
  • What is your family situation? Whether you’re young and single, planning to start a family, have small children, or support elderly parents, all of these factors mean you’ll have different monthly medical needs.

The Plan: FlexiFed 1, 2, 3 or 4?

  1. FlexiFed 1 - Unlimited hospital benefits at NETWORK hospitals, this plan is ideal for the young and healthy and/or care-free members looking for great hospital cover. Recommended for its affordable hospital cover. (GRID Plan)
  2. FlexiFed 2 - Unlimited hospital benefits at any PRIVATE hospital, this plan is perfect for young and growing start-up families. Recommended for its maternity and basic dentistry benefits.
  3. FlexiFed 3 - Unlimited hospital benefits at any PRIVATE hospital, this plan is perfect for young and growing families. Recommended for its maternity and basic dentistry benefits, plus a threshold benefit.
  4. FlexiFed 4 - Unlimited hospital benefits at any PRIVATE hospital, this plan is perfect for more mature families who want all-round cover. Recommended for its threshold benefit.

The Discount: GRID or ELECT?

SAVE 11% Monthly if you choose the GRID variant on any of the above plans. This means using Fedhealth Network Hospitals only for all planned hospital admissions. As per Fedhealth's Network List which are mostly NetCare Hospitals eg: Olivedale Clinic. NOTE: FlexiFed1 is a GRID option already and discounted accordingly.

SAVE 25% Monthly if you choose the ELECT variant on any of the above plans by Electing to pay a R12 500 co-payment on all planned hospital procedures at any private hospital. NOTE: In Case of Emergency you will still be taken to the nearest private hospital for treatment - without the co-payment.

GOOD NOTE: You can enjoy GRID or ELECT discounts without having to pay for future "what ifs." On Fedhealth you can upgrade anytime of the year within 30 days of a life changing event such as pregnancy or dread disease.

The Savings: Medivault and Wallet?

Fedhealth’s MediVault and Wallet facility offers you more choice, flexibility and control over your day-to-day benefit. FlexiFED plans have access to a pre-determined amount for day-to-day medical expenses based on their option and family composition. You only pay for it when you use it, or in other words, transfer it from your MediVault (where your savings are kept) to your Wallet (where you can use your savings). You can pay it back over 12 months or a shorter period in increments of R600. Why pay for your day-to-day savings before you’ve even used them? With the MediVault and Wallet, you don’t have to!

Activate your MediVault and transfer funds to your Wallet in the following easy ways:

Learn more about Fedhealth or get a FREE quote and/or comparison now.

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