Why Deal with a Broker? 4 big Reasons

To deal or not to deal with a Broker? The main reason:

"You Don't Pay More, Just Know More!"

Insurance and Health brokers, unlike agents, work specifically for you and your business rather than the Insurance, Medical Aid and Gap companies themselves. We are very versed in these fields with risk management, so use our knowledge and expertise to uncover your unique needs and to provide you options.  Because OneNet is working with you and not an individual company, we are able to compare the coverage of various companies to get you the best rates and conditions in the market. In simpler terms, we provide you with the most unbiased, cost-effective, and strongest policy recommendations.

Insurance and Health agents typically represent one particular company, acting as a conduit to provide information to you and/or business owners. Because these agents are working in favour of the individual company, the policies they can offer are often limited, with low flexibility and higher price points. In simpler terms, agents typically work in favour of the one company, selling you policies that will make them the most money.

The benefits of working with OneNet goes deeper than what you see on the surface level. By working with us, you also receive:

  • Better quality support
  • More personalised service
  • Full disclosure on commission rates 
  • Better plan options…

…and above all else, people who genuinely care about you and your business. We are knowledgeable and work hard to look after your requirements and needs to the best of our ability. By living out our core values – authentic, accountable, curious, and engaged – our clients can ensure that they are feeling heard, protected, valued and of course having peace of mind. 

When it comes to insurance, most people think the man in the middle is a hindrance, not a help. The problem is, buyers tend to think that any additional link in the chain means more cost and hassle to them. Insurers and Health companies encouraging people to ‘go direct’ only serves to rubber-stamp this feeling. But don’t pick up the phone to that one-stop, do-it-all, household name just yet. Not surprisingly, we reckon there are compelling reasons to use OneNet Health & Insure instead.

4 Main Reasons to deal with OneNet

1. Service

We aren’t tied to any one company. A quick chat or email with us is usually all we need to find a suitable policy from the insurers we work with. That means you get the right cover at the right premium. We’re guessing you've probably not studied the technical ins and outs. You get the benefit and expertise when you communicate with us about the cover you need. That same expertise applies to mid-term changes and queries too, with the added bonus that we get to know and deal with you personally, which is often not the case with large, direct operations and insurers especially when using call centres.

2. Cover

Direct insurers can only offer you one policy: theirs. It’s often written for a mass market and it’s difficult, if not impossible, to tailor to your specific needs. Unusual or multiple business activities, high-value property, exceptional contract requirements or just a box you can’t tick could all mean you need something different. OneNet recognises extraordinary requirements, helps to identify the cover you need, arranges it with an appropriate insurer and makes sure your documents are present too. That way you get insurance on your terms rather than the insurer's.

3. Price

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is where the broker falls down. You must be paying for that extra link in the chain, right? Well, contrary to popular belief, brokers often offer cheaper policies than direct insurers. How? It’s simple: insurers often give different (lower) rates to brokers than their direct customers. That might seem odd but it’s for a good reason. It's because business through brokers is a lower risk for insurers. Brokers are professionals and their job is to properly assist their customers’ and find suitable cover. The theory is that insurers use brokers to choose the right policy with the right cover at the right price for any given customer – avoiding claims and maintaining premium income. And it works, too. So another good reason to use OneNet!

4. Claims

This is probably the best reason to use us. Frankly, when the worst happens, you need all the help you can get. OneNet represents you, not the insurer, and it’s our job to make sure your interests are covered. Claims can be complicated and time-consuming. The benefit of having a professional there to guide you, monitor the claim’s progress and make sure everything happens when it should, can’t be underestimated. We understand the technicalities of your policy and, in the event of a disputed claim, can argue the case on an equal footing with the insurer.

A good, respected broker like OneNet can really be the difference between an insurer paying a claim and not. Speaking of good, make sure your broker is regulated by the FSCA for insurance and the CMS for medical aid / hospital plans, like us (there’s something seriously wrong if they are not), members have to abide by their standards and practices.

In Conclusion

All in all, there’s no reason why you shouldn't use OneNet Health & Insure. In fact, once you've dealt with us, we reckon you’ll never go back to any company directly for Insurance, Health or Gap Cover.

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